Metrological Services

Metrological Services

In its role as National Institute of Metrology, LATU provides tools to provide reliability, credibility, universality and quality to all measurements made at national level.

LATU’s Metrology Department was created in 1975 with the purpose of calibrating instruments for industrial and scientific use. The National Metrology Law (Law 15298/82) entrusts it the “responsibility for the maintenance, stewardship and dissemination of national measurement standards, and to be the liaison with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, as well as related organizations.”

In that regard, through the Department of Scientific Metrology and its Departments of Physical and Chemical Metrology, LATU maintains the traceability to primary measurement standards of those magnitudes defined as strategic, applying uncertainty levels in accordance with the country’s industrial requirements. On the one hand, LATU checks the physical measurement patterns periodically against external agencies to ensure that the traceability of calibrations is maintained. On the other hand it maintains and provides traceability in the Chemistry area through certified reference materials.

As the National Metrology Institute, LATU is part of the National Infrastructure for Quality, formalized by the Decree that created the Uruguayan System of Standardization, Accreditation, Metrology and Conformity Assessment (SUNAMEC) dated February 26, 2010.

The metrology services offered by LATU include:

  • Calibration of instruments
  • Proficiency Tests (Interlaboratory)
  • Reference Materials
  • Calibration of thermal equipment

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