Product Certification

Product Certification

Certification is a process through which an independent body grants a written guarantee and states that a product, process or service meets the appropriate requirements. LATU certifies products following the guidelines laid down in the UNIT-ISO-IEC 17065 Standard.

The certifications awarded by LATU permit to:

  • Promote the exports of national produce or manufactured goods, to achieve their entry in the international markets, consolidate the existing flow of exports and provide guarantees to new markets.
  • Favor the development of the industrial sector, through the certification of the products processed with the local raw material, to access the most stringent markets, and promote the companies’ competitiveness through the development, adaptation, selection and transfer of technology.
  • Respond to the legal specifications required by national and foreign bodies and agencies.
  • Check the food manufacturers’ compliance with the country’s food safety provisions, as well as compliance of the imported food and beverages entering the country.
  • Add value to products through the certification of their attributes, characteristics, performance, etc., to distinguish them from those not certified.

Some of the products certified by LATU:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Helmets
  • Digital TV
  • Water heaters
  • Steel