Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Technology and management transfer is an independent professional advice service that helps organizations attain their goals and objectives by solving problems, detecting and evaluating new opportunities, improving technology and implementing change.

LATU collaborates with public and private organizations to solidify its competitive advantages and national and international impact, seeking a sustained, sustainable and competitive growth, providing comprehensive consultancy services and knowledge transfer with a high-level team.

LATU supports the development of organizational management and contributes to the progress of production through the transfer of technology. It promotes the implementation of products and services that improve the quality of life of the Uruguayan society. Together with several other actors, LATU develops innovative management models especially adapted to whatever is required for the development of a production chain, branch of activity or a region of the country.

LATU fosters processes of change in the organizations that contribute to and strengthen their competitiveness and sustainability through the improvement of their business management, processes, the promotion of innovation and their socially responsible management. Through teamwork with clients directly involved in the change process, LATU provides comprehensive solutions designed specifically for each need or requirement.

LATU offers support for:

  • Innovation and Management Development
  • Technology transfer
  • Territory Development
  • Organizational Management