Espacio Ciencia

Espacio Ciencia is an interactive museum that belongs to the Uruguayan Technological Laboratory (LATU), devoted to the promotion of scientific culture. Since it opened its doors in 1995, it has received over 1: 600,000 visitors.

Its permanent headquarters were inaugurated in 1999, 1800 m2 of its 2000m2 area are dedicated to a permanent exhibition.

Aa a third-generation museum, its working methodology is aimed at encouraging an active participation of visitors.

Based on the premise that to learn people need to get involved, the museum is an invitation for reflection, in the understanding that ownership of knowledge requires engagement and interaction of the audience. We understand that interaction as a multidimensional concept that involves the manual (hands on) action, mental activities (mind on) and emotions (heart on).

New exhibitions are usually sponsored by public and private companies, who greatly contribute to the consolidation and renewal of the museum.

Through all its areas, Espacio Ciencia plays a key role supporting the education system and society as a whole, while contributing to the improvement of quality and equality in the teaching of sciences in the country.