Technological Ecosystem

LATU has a Innovation Park that harbors a community of chief companies and organizations related to technology, education, entrepreneurship and innovation, constituting a powerful ecosystem that enables its partners to operate internationally.

LATU’s Innovation Park is conceived as a country and regional leader because of its organizational model, quality management, delivery of services, physical infrastructure, promotion of Innovation, environmental friendliness and use of renewable energies.

The ecosystem resulting from the interaction of the companies that operate in the Park paves the way for enhanced cooperation, exchange and for the establishment of permanent linkages among all the stakeholders.

With the mission of supporting the country’s production and technology chains, LATU establishes links between the centers of knowledge, the business and production mesh and society. The Foundation streamlines the installation of high-value companies and offers an enabling environment for the synergism needed for their development and the dissemination of technological externalities.


These are the objectives set by LATU for the Innovation Park:

  • Contribute to the incentivization of a culture of Innovation and Competitiveness of the companies operating in the Park.
  • Offer a business environment “ecosystem” to provide an adequate synergy for the development of the companies.
  • Promote future technology-based companies that may offer quality jobs and act as R&D&I technology leaders.


The Park is organized in five centers: